Customers will find the combined VPN and Smart DNS service from Ironsocket works out as cheap as a simple Smart DNS service from many providers, yet offers a whole host more benefits to users, such as online privacy and anonymity and protection from eavesdroppers or hackers. The next on the list in “OpenNic” and like many other DNS Servers OpenNic is the best alternative of your default DNS Server. Accessing blocked websites via an anonymous VPN cloaking makes the streamed services slower as all data has to be moved between provider, VPN provider and end user/customer. Month-to-month plan has high cost. DNS servers within a domain should not use each other as forwarders. It’s time you implement them. There isn’t a specific best DNS server but the above-listed ones are among the great ones that run 24/7. If you think of the internet like a highway system—it’s called the information highway for a reason—then you can imagine that a server can get bogged down with traffic during the busiest times of the day. Reliability. Comprehensive app support and global server coverage are backed up by excellent customer service. Considering these notable features, Yandex DNS can easily claim to be among the best DNS servers in the world. If this ends up being untrue, it could result in the end of their business. Hence maintaining your privacy at a very high level. William Sattelberg William has been with TechJunkie since 2017, writing about smartphones, games, streaming media, and anything else that technology touches in our current age. Customers will find set up tutorials for a number of operating systems and devices on the company website, these include Windows, Mac OS X, iPad and Linux. Signing up with Smart DNS Proxy is just a simple matter of filling in a form with email address and creating an account password, the service is then activated for the two weeks free trial, so customers can verify this is the right service for their needs. CactusVPN is quite a new Smart DNS provider based in Moldova. It uses Philippines proxy servers to retrieve websites you intend to visit. Primary DNS:; Secondary DNS:; Comodo Dome Sheild DNS server has been a solution-based, reliable worldwide server since the early 2000s, by providing protection and control from any device in … Unfortunately, outside of this testing, it was also difficult to determine just what CenturyLink was protecting against. In fact, CenturyLink’s infrastructure happens to be some of the best in the game that isn’t named Google, going as far to even provide backbone access to ISPs to offer fast and reliable internet while simultaneously upping your security factor on the backend. Forwarders are servers to which a DNS server will send queries that it can't answer (i.e., queries for records in zones that it doesn't host). The service provides a comprehensive FAQ section which should answer most customer queries and address problems, though support can be initiated via online contact like live-chat. Cloudflare also details how the app is far faster than the competition, ranging around 28 percent faster than a standard DNS server. Thread starter endt; Start date Jan 18, 2017; Tags dns free; E. endt Enthusiast. Users are allowed to have 5 simultaneous connections with VPN and unlimited simultaneous connection with Smart DNS. With SmartDNS, only traffic to a supported website or service is re-routed and other browsing is unaffected. Your DNS server may be at fault for causing slow internet speeds and terrible response time when attempting to load a web page, so it’s important to make sure you’re using the best system available in order to achieve the fastest speeds on the web today. If you’re new to DNS servers and you want to try just one, don’t sleep on Google’s global DNS server. IP Address Location AS Number Software / Version Checked Status Reliability Whois; … DNS: Domain Name Server - a server on the internet which tells your computer at which IP address a specific domain name can be found. To play the game, you need to connect to a DNS server. Many SmartDNS products on the market also offer free trials, which are ideal for testing if your particular devices work with the technology. Therefore, users are advised to check with an individual SmartDNS provider to make sure that the service they want to use is supported. The company does offer a free 3 day trial of its Smart DNS plan and has a listing of unblocked sites on its website. Service Battery Warning on Mac – Do You Need to Replace the Battery? Nonetheless, users are advised to check with individual SmartDNS providers to make sure that the device they wish to use is supported. DNS.Watch uses and for IPv4 addresses, and you can find the other IPv6 addresses on their site linked above. Still, CenturyLink’s own account service seems to have positive reception, and this certainly creates some easier support systems when using the DNS addresses. Philippine Proxy List - Proxies from Philippines. Google’s IPv4 addresses for their service is and; changing the IPv4 addresses on your router or modem to those options will allow your device to connect to Google’s servers rather than your ISP. This is one of the fastest DNS servers which many users are using on their computers. Example 1. Customers wishing to trial out Smart DNS Proxy can sign up for a free 14-day trial prior to buying the plan. Thats why they are also recommended by VPNNetflix. Includes 30-day money back guarantee. Normal DNS Server do not unblock any content or reroute your traffic. Let’s move on and talk about some of the best DNS servers in 2020. It helps to translate web addresses (like to their IP addresses (like Before configuration: 1. If you’re looking to add some security to your new connection, check out our list of the best VPNs on the market today. Satisfied customers will find the company does offer an affiliate programme with a number of benefits and once a customer account is fully activated it is possible to pay monthly in advance, or sign up for longer periods of time for discounted price plan rates. Click OK, then click Apply. When you plug your modem and router into your home internet connection, your device automatically connects to a default DNS server in order to ensure you can browse the internet as you see fit. Consumers based in countries where censorship and website blocking is matter of course will find the HideIPVPN service allows them to access blocked streaming and it’s also an easy matter to watch the services on a Smart TV, allowing for greater comfort for the viewer. Search for DNS Servers and select it from the drop-down. Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt your traffic, therefore, … It’s the list of top 10 best third-party DNS servers: 1. It’s the world’s most leading and largest DNS Server available online. Your email address will not be published. On their “Why? For starters, you can use either Google DNS and Cloudflare DNS or any other from the list above to see which DNS server suits your needs. Some of the devices with online tutorials provided include Amazon Fire TV, Playstation 3, browsers, Android and Roku. This is because the technology is geared towards this kind of usage, it is cheaper, and SmartDNS is not affected by the same sort of speed issues which can plague VPNs. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved. BEST VPN FOR THE PHILIPPINES: ExpressVPN is the best VPN available for protecting your online travels while in the Philippines. While most of us never switch from our ISP provided DNS servers, its a good practice to do so, especially if you value your privacy. Especially for filesharers who use bittorrent or similar systems to download files, privacy is vital. It also provides great performance with high security and always better than your ISP’s DNS server. There’s no option to connect to a server in the Philippines, but the large network of servers in nearby countries should compensate for that fact. The best free public DNS servers include Google, Quad9, OpenDNS, Cloudflare, CleanBrowsing, Verisign, Alternate DNS, and AdGuard DNS. However, the best part is it will protect your laptop/pc from attackers and even from the government. Customers signing up for virtual private networking (VPN) services with HideIPVPN are automatically entitled to use the Smart DNS services for free, while customers purely wanting Smart DNS will find prices fairly reasonable and the service reliable. Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name server service that resolves your DNS requests via many global DNS servers. Philippine Proxy List - Proxies from Philippines. While many countries around the world supply customers with gigabit internet speeds, plenty of urban, suburban, and rural communities in North America are stuck with sub-10 megabit download connections. Next to Google’s public offering, DNS.Watch was the fastest DNS system we used during our testing for this guide, and combined with the lack of any sort of information tracking or shady advertisement deals, we have no qualms in recommending this to other users. What is the best DNS server? Fast speeds, great security and works with popular streaming services. One of the major plus points of SmartDNS technology is its range of compatibility. It’s easy to set up the Smart DNS service and the company provide a variety of online tutorials from their website. Linux. Find the best DNS servers in Philippines ordered by highest availability. This system gives a total number of possible IP Addresses of over 4 billion, with something like 3.7 billion addresses available for public use (over 590 million addresses are reserved for non-public uses).. Using a DNS app such as DNS Changer, set the DNS to any of the following: Throw in ad and tracker blocking, as well as phishing and malware protection, and you have an attractive protection package. Some of the tutorials include Samsung Smart TV setup, Roku, Boxee setup to initiate Smart DNS and iOS DNS set up instructions. Top 10 DNS Servers for Gaming 1. The technology works by re-routing a user’s DNS queries through a server in another part of the world, disguising their true location. This can vary by your geographic distance to and from the server, as the farther data has to travel to go to and from a server, the slower it will be to load on your phone, tablet, or computer. Trusted by billions of people across the globe, “Google DNS Server” has become the most popular option, as “best DNS for gaming”. Companies like Google are capable of hosting large server farms dedicated to offering nothing but DNS services. Comodo Secure DNS. NordVPN works with many online streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. SmartyDNS provides a list of unblocked websites and is happy to attempt to unblock any other sites when they receive customer requests. Pros: One of the fastest servers; Blocks malware and bots; Content filtering; Cons: Set-up requires some learning; IP Addresses for DNS:,,, If you’re a gamer or a constant media streamer, you’ll really like what you can find here. The company has servers in many different regions of the world, so unblocking restricted websites is fairly simple. The company has a free 3-day trial for consumers wishing to try out the service, then price plans are available monthly or at discounted prices when customers sign up for longer periods of time. Since the developers make it clear they’re trying to provide as lightweight a DNS server as possible, it’s not always ideal to rely on them for blocks or whitelisting applications. The company provides many server locations, for example in Spain, India, Germany or Poland. Even if you manage to raise your speeds, you’ll often find yourself paying an arm and a leg for what should be considered standard internet speeds. Dont mess up SmartDNS with just changing your DNS Servers – like – the famous DNS Server of Google. The provider merely acts as a go between and confuses popular websites into believing the customer IP address is situated in acceptable locations and thus releases access to the service. Customers needing to access their favourite channels from anywhere in the world will find it’s just a simple matter of logging into the service and selecting the appropriate server, then the media channel will be unblocked and services can be viewed on any Internet-enabled device, including televisions or via set top boxes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google’s public DNS offering happens to be one of our favorite alternatives on the market today. This Philippines DNS … Visit: Website Remember to Optimize your Devices’ DNS Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google’s public DNS offering happens to be one of our favorite alternatives on the market today. Read our full CyberGhost review. Ironsocket used to be known as HideMyNet and has been providing virtual private networking (VPN) and Smart DNS services since more than 15 years. In practice this means up to 5 devices can be logged into Smart DNS at any one time. In general, we liked that the app was simple and easy to use, and that is seemed to speed up our internet browsing speeds enough that it would make a difference in our day-to-day browsing. New customers are covered by a 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so if problems are experienced within the first couple of days of opening an account with PureVPN they should make refunds with no quibbles. Click all 'OKs' to exit the LAN properties. It is also worth noting that SmartDNS only works on supported websites, so if the website you wish to use is not supported, VPN is the only option. Examples of tutorials include LG Smart TV setup, Play Station 4, Mac OS X, iPad, and Google TV, with a large selection of more tutorials on the Smart DNS Proxy website. Best known for its top-rated content delivery network, Cloudflare has extended its range to include a new public DNS service, the catchily-named The best in terms of stability may be google DNS because of its availability all around the world. Considered by Cloudflare to be the world’s safest, fastest DNS resolver, the app works to reroute your entire network traffic on your phone through, instead of the usual default DNS server, eliminating the need to configure it at a router level and making it easy to skip difficult setup altogether. Certainly this is an ideal service for consumers who travel frequently and want to access favourite television channels and programmes from farflung corners of the world, while people experiencing difficulties accessing popular websites and channels will find unblocking them is simple with Smart DNS Proxy. MrSpeedy is also the fastest courier service in Philippines. And of course, using public DNS also increases your own security when browsing. Whether your domain has been cached by the server or not. Unlike most VPNs, Cloudflare’s Warp service won’t change your location, instead just working to further increase your speeds and privacy. If you just need a new DNS Server to gain access to a website because its DNS entry is blocked in your country or network – just go to BestDNS and youll find a list of the best free DNS Servers – no need to pay for that. Best free DNS servers of 2020 OpenDNS. In addition, he also works as a video producer, writing and recording scripts for our video team and editing videos for TechJunkie's YouTube channel. Once turned on, you’ll have to grant the app the ability to use your phone’s VPN service, which reroutes traffic through Cloudflare’s DNS servers. In order to successfully unlock these censored sites the customer has to have the benefit of accessing the services for example via a United States or United Kingdom server location, as many of these services purely allow access to consumers based within or close to the website’s physical location. Family Shield is good for parents who want to make sure their kids can’t access inappropriate content. Signing up Smart DNS services means customers need never worry about geo-restrictions again as the service sends messages to the site which ensure they allow access for viewing. To guide you on your journey of finding the best internet service provider in the Philippines, we bring you a list of Top 10 Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Philippines. Remember the best DNS server for PS4 may not be the fastest DNS servers for ps4. PureVPN provides three VPN plans. Norton is one of the best DNS server use for web security. One of the major facets of a service like SmartyDNS is that it ensures computer speeds are kept at maximum levels. Users in the Philippines will most likely want the browse anonymously option, which will disguise your IP address and anonymise your browsing data. Other public DNS organizations, like OpenDNS and SmartViper, are capable of holding similar setups on their own server farms, all designed to give you the fastest possible surfing experience daily. Seriously, you have to try Google’s servers to see the speed increase—we were noticing several seconds faster loading time in some cases, specifically during heavy traffic days. DNS Lookup allows you to use public DNS server (Google, Cloudflare, Quad9, OpenDNS, Level3, Verisign, Comodo, Norton, Yandex, NTT, SDNS, CFIEC, Alidns, 114DNS, Hinet, etc. By modifying your DNS, or Domain Name System, servers, you can make sure your internet connection is set to be the fastest in the neighborhood. DNS server full access without blocking. This Smart DNS service works on just about any device includng Smart TV, game console, tablet, media player and computers running Windows or Mac OS. 1. This article aims to guide you to change the DNS server settings on your Deco system. Using a public DNS server doesn’t quite hide your internet activity from your ISP—you’ll need to use a VPN for that—but it can make your browsing experience a little more enjoyable when using the web. This would be my favorite DNS server to ensure privacy and faster DNS record updates. Click the + button to add a DNS Server and enter The truth is that Google’s DNS servers happen to be faster than any other of the servers we tested, and it’s largely due to the amount of money Google has to put behind building large server farms to focus on DNS alone. SmartyDNS doesn’t keep any logs! Their website doesn’t provide a whole lot of information or support on how to set up the product, though once you do use their server information, you’re bound to see your speeds improve overtime. That said, if your favorite websites haven’t been cached by your server, then you may run into trouble when trying to load those web pages frequently. You visit a website hosted on a CDN that uses DNS to figure out which server you connect to (you are in USA so you go to server which is located in the US, you are in Asia so you go to server which is located in Asia etc.).

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