I bought the ones with a 50 year warranty, hoping to get 25 years out of them, (which was pretty standard at the time of purchase). The proposed settlement was brought forward to an Illinois judge, and would end a nine year multidistrict litigationagainst IKO Manufacturing. However, there are plenty of other solid and compelling shingle options to consider outside of the mid-range lines, including the affordable 3-tab shingles, several high-end architectural series, and premium shingles … Got a roofer in and when he went on the roof he found that the shingles crumbled to dust when he touched them. IKO Shingles Are Incapable Of Withstanding Strong Winds. HUGE NIGHTMARE. My shingles failed in 2012 and I had to replace them. Jobs. So how can a person join the class action against IKO for defective shingles? Have you head anything or do you have a contact, we are in the same situation. Refused to send a rep out to examine the roof. Expressing support for the settlement deal, the consumers’ attorneys say that the settlement “saves considerable judicial and attorney time and expense, and achieves signifiant improvements to class members’ warranty claims.”.